Friday, July 4, 2008

This is where I post trade plans going forward

Really important to define the trade and plan it and then trade the plan. The purpose of this blog is to "keep myself honest" and maintain discipline. This blog will also give me the opportunity to demonstrate that one can drill down from a "view" about the world economy, geopolitical trends, long term cycles to select stocks that will perform and then use technical tools and trading discipline to extract the largest gains.

As for the "ethics" of trading, as we enter a major bear market in financial assets and high levels of inflation, only the fleet of foot will preserve wealth. The next ten years will see the biggest transfer of wealth from those who play by the rules to speculators of all kinds. Massive debt and the inflation needed to accomodate it means the world has been made safe only for the fleet of foot. Further as traders manage risk, they perform, with their capital, a very important social function.

Being a stock/commodity trader is therefore both personally prudent and ethically moral, and avoiding the pitfalls (failure to manage risk, gambling ect) should provide a great training ground for discipline and personal growth. Traders have nothing to apoligise for, therefore.

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